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02-26-2013, 01:46 PM
The Boiler Room
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  1. Nanight
    Amazing stuff man, top notch collection for sure.
  2. brentgutierrez
    ok so I have been a closet collector for some time now and I have been on the forums and seen all the cool stuff people have, the whole time knowing that I have a massive collection in a very big walk in closet. Now I'm a bit of a nervous nelly when it comes to posting picsof my entire collection including over 35 + and growing gloves I own from top builders only. All that being said, my wife thinks I have gone off the deep end long time ago and I talk to a few fans that collect in a major way due to me doing business with them one time or another, however I really wondered if someone has an obsession like I for the "Love for the glove". You are it for sure! I love it man. I see you like the pt 4 5 and 6 glove a lot. very nice! I hope you are still collecting and i appreciate the time it took to have a display this fantastic!very Fing Cool
  3. CVK
    Thanks for the comments Guys. Yea Im still collecting, but slowing it down. Waiting on a few gloves to get done and then im going to be taking a break. Pretty much ran out of room lol. If your on facebook add me, unless your already on my page and i dont even know it Im Charles Voorhees Kruegear. The part 4 and up are the gloves i love. 1-3 im not a fan of really.
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