Random Freddy stuff and old costumes

Some old pics of different freddy masks and costumes I have had over the years and some other random but Awesome Freddy stuff.
  1. VS
  2. Caption
  3. A pic in My darkride Part 4 with Light Effect used.
  4. A small Freddy Shrine...Work in Progress...
  5. Just dicking around with some Freddy Stuff...
  6. scene freddy
  7. Another close up
  8. Yeah I know the claw doesn't match the sweater but I had just sold my part one claw....Freddy costume 101
  9. Blurry Freddy
  10. Kel Fred halloween
  11. Me in my freddy mask
  12. Left Side
  13. Right side
  14. A pic of the mask before I sold it. I cut out the mouth piece so I could breath better.
  15. Freddy Kel 2
  16. This was a great mask. wish I got to wear it more than a few times.
  17. Argile Freddy, just messing with Freddy's wardrobe lol
  18. Me in my Creeping Death Productions mask and Part one sweater.
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