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  1. New 2001 Maniacs movie Question
  2. Horror Facts
  3. Famous Monsters Convention tomorrow!!!!
  4. The Last Exorcism
  5. New Wes Craven film "My Soul To Take"..
  6. New Score...A Trip to Ultimate Horror weekend!!!!!!!
  7. Scream: The inside story
  8. the walking dead
  9. Jason vorhees is a bitch... Freddy says so
  10. My Custom Jason Mask
  11. New score-Spfx Jason silicone mask with Crash part 4 hock
  12. vs mask pics for Phil and brian
  13. New horror icon costume score!
  14. Post your favorite non-Freddy Score!
  15. Jason life size display on eBay...lol
  16. Trapjaw mask on ebay
  17. Harry Warden 1981 (The Original My Bloody Valentine Killer)
  18. Cemetary Gates Productions, back in business??????
  19. My 1978 H1 Michael Myers costume score
  20. Swedish horror, once more
  21. Scored, TCM Pt3 Screen-Used LEATHERFACE mask
  22. Pennywise bust
  23. Inside story: Scream
  24. Scream 4
  25. Scream Used Items (Scream 4 Spoilers)
  26. NightOwl Creep/worn shots
  27. my latest jason mask paint-ups
  28. Take a look at my Ghoulies!
  29. Screen Used Blade Puppet Master Ebay
  30. Looking At Jason Masks/Busts
  31. New Score!! NAG H4 Cover Mask Delux Edition
  32. New Score - Fright Rags TCM2 Chop Top Poster
  33. "MORE BRAINS! A RETURN TO THE LIVING DEAD" Documentary! "Do You Wanna Party?!"
  34. Jason Hocks and Hoods
  35. Jason's Kills
  36. DP Michael Myers Upgrade
  37. Maybe you guys can help me out.....
  38. Some of my collection
  39. NECA Evil Dead Ash figures!
  40. Hey Guys I Need Help!!! Bad :(
  41. American Horror Story on FX.
  42. **Pinhead** made by Stefano Pizzolitto!
  43. My Jason VS costume
  44. Friday the 13th Collection (DVD, 2011, 8-Disc Set, Limited Edition; With Mask...
  45. Generic Horror Stuff!
  46. JASON machete/ MYERS knife handmade replica
  47. Want a FREE "MORE BRAINS! A RETURN TO THE LIVING DEAD" DVD and Signed Poster?!
  48. I have been working very closely with Christopher Quaratino (fka Christopher Lutz)
  49. Second favorite baddie?
  50. Would (darkride82) ever make a Pinhead???
  51. Best horror remake
  52. Part 7 Hockey Mask
  53. Stephen King
  54. Friday The 13th part 2 Press kit contest Starts now until Black Friday
  55. A MUST SEE for any "horror" fan
  56. Whats the deal with the Friday the 13th Sequel is it going to happen?
  57. Horror Exhibit more pics
  58. Jason VS Costume Set on eBay..
  59. Evil Dead Remake!
  60. Nix : Lord Of Illusions ?
  61. The Devil Inside.........
  62. New SCORE!!! The Ultimate Jason VS Hock
  63. Sideshow Exclusive Jason Voorhees PF Figure (Upgraded Mask By Joe Scaringe)
  64. Myers Mask
  65. Another NEW SCORE!!! Ultimate Remake Jason Hock
  66. Maniac Cop In Blu Ray!
  67. Hangman Bust/Warlock Hock
  68. New score
  69. My michael myers masks collected over the years. Pic heavy! Very heavy
  70. Does anybody here know anything about The Halloween Producer cut
  71. Besides Freddy, who is your favorite horror villain?
  72. Another new score guys
  73. New Myers score!
  74. New Myers addition
  75. Your Top 7 Favorite Women Of Horror
  76. Awesome Costumers/Cosplayers/Impersonators
  77. How the leprechaun celebrates St.Patrick's day lol
  78. Interest Thread - Part 3 Jason Hockey Masks
  79. I just watched the Hellraiser remake
  80. I saw Inkubus a few days ago
  81. new scores
  82. new scores part 2
  83. Pinhead Hellrazor (voice try)
  84. My Part 4 Jason Hockey mask & eye insert :D
  85. German Rap Video with Jason Voorhees
  86. Leatherface mask 1974
  87. FROM DUSK TIL CON & DAYS OF THE DEAD bring us "Heroes Within Us"!!!
  88. Michael myers mask
  89. FvJ mask
  90. My Evil Dead 2 Chainsaw (Pic Heavy)
  91. Evil dead saw by me
  92. My Battle Damaged VS Hock made by Brandon Croslin :D
  93. Friday logos
  94. Nightowl pro Bogman mask and Damaged VS hock :D
  95. New Teaser Trailer for Independent Slasher Film CUT
  96. 1st Weekend of Horrors Vienna
  97. Leslie vernon replica mask (psycho killer)
  98. The Curse of Chucky Now Casting!
  99. Days Of The Dead Indianapolis 2012
  100. TCM Killer Kit
  101. My first Michael Myers mask & costume shots :D
  102. Horror movie remakes.
  103. Your top ten Horror villians.
  104. Hard ride to hell
  105. Signed DVD's
  106. Angharad Mary Rees
  107. What mask would you like to see from Darkride?
  108. teaser trailer of PA4
  109. New YouTube vidoe this time is Pinheads time to shine
  110. Fright night.
  111. My NEW Michael Myers Halloween NAG/MMK mask & costume
  112. My horror DVD collection part 1
  113. Horror DVD collection part 2
  114. My new Myers mask "PSYCHO"
  115. New video : Dracula impersonations (1 of 2)
  116. Rubber Gorilla - Micheal Myers
  117. Jason's Costumes
  118. This is class horror character poker game.
  119. Frightfest at leicester square empire cinema
  120. Jason Krueger!
  121. Best endings of horrors
  122. I just watched 2001 Maniacs for the frist time ever!
  123. Which one are you ?
  124. Crash Creations Deluxe part 3 hockey mask
  125. Dvd and blu ray horror collection
  126. Impressions
  127. Hammer horror and Christopher Lee mug photos
  128. Cusack and Poe
  129. That was the horror year i was born
  130. Poulan 245a Chainsaw
  131. FD6 ? My scenerio
  132. Need a Ghost Face robe !
  133. Camp Stalker bust (Jason Voorhees p6) by Creeping Death Productions (JC Wylde)
  134. What color is Hannibal Lecter eyes
  135. My 1/1 Predator costume
  136. Some of my horror collection
  137. TCM3D official trailer
  138. My Beetlejuice costume
  139. sesame street horror
  140. New video:Hannibal Lecter has a message For YouTube
  141. pics from a con a few years ago
  142. Psycho made into new 10 part TV series
  143. Child's Play Script
  144. Moebius Elvira model kit
  145. Rob Zombie Remake costume
  146. Lake Placid : TheFinal Chapter
  147. Pam in original Texas Chainsaw
  148. I had a great time at The Mile High Horror Film festival!!
  149. Am sorry Jason
  150. My new Jason Voorhees Nirvana "Nevermind" parody Poster! :D
  151. 1/6 Jason part 3 head sculpts by Betomatali
  152. Jason Part 7 Mask and Hock(video)
  153. Freddy gets sleeping beauty lol.
  154. My new Freddy Mask from Sinister Studio
  155. My other Dr. Hannibal Lecter costum
  156. My cemetery gate productions Halloween 2 mask.
  157. Some of my Friday The 13th collection.
  158. My Lament configureration box from Hellraiser.
  159. Paranormal Activity 4 review
  160. Anther short film done by me called Forbidden love one killer one woman
  161. SUCKER (Premiere)
  162. Spooky Empire horror con.
  163. I won the Spooky Empire Number one prize Freddy jr.
  164. Some cool signed photos from Spooky Empire.
  165. Ultimate Bubba TCM 2 Leatherface score!!
  166. My Halloween costume
  167. Questions for my new video
  168. Batman Fans? My Classic Joker Costume.
  169. Spooky Empire green screen photo
  170. Billy the saw puppet
  171. just saw worng trun 5
  172. Pinhead mask and costum help?
  173. Saw bear trap victim
  174. My new video " The crow"
  176. Arrived today! H2 RZ mask
  177. My Zombie make-up
  178. Chucky Drawing (WIP)
  179. Latest Additions to my Horror collection.
  180. Manhunt game please stop me mask
  181. New Pinhead video
  182. master of suspense
  183. Anyone attending CRYPTICON 2013 in Kansas City?
  184. fiber glass hockey masks?
  185. Can you name them all ?
  186. best Devil/omen film
  187. My jason vs costume(pics)
  188. Part 4 Jason Silicone Mask
  189. first teasers of Bates motel
  190. Hellraiser Bloodline Deleted Scenes
  191. does bonus material for friday the 13th part 3 exist ?
  192. Texas 3D - Alternate Leatherface Concepts.
  193. Reverse Bear Trap from Saw
  194. jason eye inserts?
  195. Want be in a chance to be in the next insideous movie ?
  196. Jason VS. Jarvis?
  197. Looking for a horror movie, need help :D
  198. Gainsville ripper and scream.
  199. splatterhouse mask makers?
  200. Skinned a live SPX effect done by me my first attempt
  201. origin of N.O.E.S
  202. Dead Snow
  203. The final 2 days of my makeup class
  204. childs play !
  205. part 4 hoods?
  206. "Bubba" Part 2 Leatherface bust finally complete!
  207. Fairy tales turned into Gothic films
  208. part 3 jason costume?
  209. My final in my SPX class pro shot
  210. pennywise painting
  211. Leatherface 3d pics ?
  212. Anther SPX makeup done by me lol
  213. The Walking Dead Props
  214. Cool Robert Rnglund pics
  215. Black Haze Slasher Film
  216. Dracula impersonations done by me better attempt
  217. Freddy vs Jason display
  218. NEW SCORE : Sideshow Collectibles CHUCKY (scarred version)
  219. IT remake
  220. New score : Terminator2 t-800 sideshow collectibles bust
  221. Jason Voorhees Concept Hood and vs Hock
  222. Found a Funny story I did a while back lol
  223. Friday the 13th Remake
  224. How many Michael Myers fans are on here ?
  225. Who's all a Pinhead fan in here?
  226. Zombie Flesh Eaters Tee Shirt
  227. my new video happy St P day
  228. Top Grossing Horror Franchises in the U.S
  229. Horror Author James Herbert
  230. my VS costume
  231. New Score: Leslie Vernon Figure
  232. What is your other favourite horror character quotes ?
  233. An old story I did called: Horra revenge
  234. Bad moon rising - Music vid for American Werewolf of london
  235. Go to your closet and prey.........................................
  236. 15 inch Mega Scale Chucky (Pre-Order)
  237. Lords of Salem~ New Rob Zombie Movie
  238. Another Gem. Real Silence of the lambs
  239. Next Friday the 13th movie?
  240. Carrie RE-make Stephen King
  241. What's Your Favorite Vampire Movie?
  242. Critters
  243. Vampire facial prosthetic...
  244. I need some help with my Jason bust
  245. Inhuman at Higgens Haven Bust Friday the 13th Part 3
  246. Horror wood engravings
  247. My new Jason Hock Vs with battle damage!
  248. Blood at the Beach
  249. Friday the 13th Remix...Greatest video on the Internet! hahaha
  250. Hatchet III