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Forum Rules
General Rules
  1. Respect

Treat other members and staff(Admin and Mods) with respect. This extends to private messages. Threatening other members will not be tolerated and will result in a temporary ban or a permanent ban depending on the severity of the threat.


We all use colorful words for fun...and its just that, but name calling and/or racial slurs will not be tolerated in any way.

  1. SPAM

SPAMMING OF ANY KIND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If it has been brought to our attention that any member spams other members either in a public thread or by private messaging, that member will be banned without notice or recourse. Spam is being defined as unwelcome advertising regardless of its nature.

  1. Scamming

If you are sure that a member is a "scam artist" or have a good sense that they are, please PM staff.

  1. Locked or Deleted Threads

If a thread is locked/deleted please DO NOT open another one asking why it was. If you wonder as to why, PM staff. Any threads opened asking why the previous one was locked/deleted will be deleted without question.

  1. Out of hand threads

If you see that a thread is going nowhere(to much negativity, bashing...etc) PM staff and let them handle it. DO NOT GET INVOLVED as it will only makes things more difficult.

  1. Multiple Accounts

Multiple accounts are not needed. If you are caught with one or trying to make one, you will be banned. The only way to have one is if it is granted by the Admin.

  1. Nudity

This is an all ages site. No XXX (pornographic) avatars or pictures allowed. If your artwork has nudity in it, please contact moderator or admin for approval.

  1. Torrent sites, etc.

Please no links to warez and torrent sites. We don't need unnecessary attention to the forum

If any of these rules are broke, it may result in a ban (may be temporary depending on severity). After the return of a temporary ban if you continue to cause trouble, you will be permanently banned. FOR NEW MEMBERS- Everyone enters here with a bucket full of everyone's respect. It's up to you to keep that bucket full.

Really just some guidelines for a cool place to hang out. Feel free to ask myself, BornOfFire for clarification or anything else worth a giggle.This forum is what we make of it. Thank you for making this a fun and safe community,
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

 I have read, and agree to abide by the Springwood Slasher Forum rules.