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I have to agree with you here! I'm amazed they would use the spark glove as a stunt one but it looks like they did! Great work spotting this!
Like I said Joe, I spent months and months tracing and linking the gloves up!

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Yeah, that's JEH's main glove. I think It's also the glove Jay Leno wore when Jackie was a guest on his show. Depending on your definition of a "hero" prop, this could be considered the main hero glove. However, it's interesting to note that it's actually more flimsy than the other metal gloves that Joe built. The copper "tendon straps" are made from a much thinner gauge copper and it's painted. I prefer the way my glove was built: Heavier/more durable and heat colored copper.
Gosh I dont like this glove at all, the coloring the patina or the flimsy metacarpal straps - god aweful. My favourite is the promo glove