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Thread: New Score: Toontown Treasures

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    New Score: Toontown Treasures

    Got a package in the mail, from Gary K. Wolf, creator of Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, Baby Herman, Private Eye Eddie Valiant, and the whole concept of Toontown. He sold us some extremely rare and also one-of-a-kind Who Framed Roger Rabbit? related items from his personal stash, then gave us 3 free items, one of which is also extremely rare. I have a video of him showing off, describing in detail and signing each item, except one, as well Everything is posted on my Facebook (he's my friend on there), but since it's private, I decided to put all of it in an album here and do a New Score thread.

    1. Who Censored Roger Rabbit? novel by Gary K. Wolf. St. Martin's Press first edition. Autographed.

    2. Lewd, Crude, and in the Mood Jessica Rabbit "8-page bible". A graphic representation of the X-rated Jessica Rabbit comic which appeared as a plot element in Who Censored Roger Rabbit?. The comic was produced in extremely limited quantities by Disney animation artists , during the making of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, for their own amusement and as a humorous homage to author Gary K. Wolf. Gary's personal copy. Autographed. - Disclaimer: Please do NOT share this.

    3. Gary's Roger Rabbit Collectible Fossil Watch. MIB. Autographed.

    4. One-of-a-kind Roger Rabbit/Cry Wolf! hat. This hat was produced by Disney artist Trent Dickson in '93. The hat features a number of Gary K. Wolf's Cry Wolf! logos and was a gift to him from The Walt Disney Company. Autographed, with a touch of Gary's own blood (yes, I'm serious).

    5. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Crew hat. This official crew hat was made available to key members of the Who Framed Roger Rabbit? crew. The hat features the early logo which included a set of handcuffs. The handcuffs were eliminated from the final logo. Gary's personal crew hat. Autographed.

    6. Sheet of rare, rarely seen, and official Who Framed Roger Rabbit? letterhead. The official letterhead used for movie correspondence, from 1987. This letterhead includes the early logo featuring a set of handcuffs. The handcuffs were eliminated from the final logo. From Gary's personal collection.

    7. Pavé Baby Herman pin. Made by noted jewelry artist Wendy Gell. Wendy made pavé pins of Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit and Baby Herman. These beautiful and finely crafted pins were very expensive when they came out. Fans tended to purchase pins of the more prominent characters, Roger and Jessica, making the Baby Herman pins the rarest of all and most desirable for collectors today. Gary's personal pin. Autographed.

    8. Gary's personal ticket and book for the opening of Tokyo Disneyland's Toontown. Autographed.

    9. Gary's personal, extremely rare & one-of-a-kind VIP "creator" badge, for Disneyland's grand opening of Mickey's Toontown in 1993. This was around the same time he got his one-of-a-kind hat by Trent Dickson. Autographed.

    10. Gary's personal copy of Diana: The People's Princess, showing Princess Diana at the London premiere of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? in 1988. Autographed.

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    Damn, that's one hell of a haul! Congrats!

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