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Good stuff. I wish Mike never painted the original armature though. Looked worse after he did it. He should have just let the thing age naturally. Oh well.
Thanks, Mike didn't paint it tho, it's painted when it was found. But actually i prefer this look a lot more than the armature looks now. The painted armature looks really stand out IMO and the real AST now which is clean from the paint, looks kinda....plain to me, it's just straight out brown all of it, copper fingers and backplate even the color is real authentic color, it becomes generic color. Which was why when the paint scraped off by Mike, some fans go "WHYYYYYYYYY??!!!". The painted version is a more familiar look for say and those what hang a lot on google image. Mark Petrie didn't want to make this version anymore he said, because it's much harder to replicate than how it actually appears today....i agreed